Nurse Family Partnership

The Nurse Family Partnership is a program that helps first-time mothers during pregnancy and after the baby is born. A specially trained nurse works with the mother during pregnancy and through the baby's second birthday.

The nurse helps first time parents learn things like:

  • How to be healthy so the baby is born healthy
  • How to be the best parent for the new baby
  • How to plan for her future, including future pregnancies, education and work

During the program, moms and nurses may talk about things like:

  • Health and child development
  • Making the home a safe place for a baby
  • Setting goals for life
  • How to access services that are available
  • Build a strong network of support for themselves and their baby

Services are covered by local agency funding, medical coupons and state/federal grant. Referrals can be made by primary care providers, community agencies, and individuals by contacting Children's Village at (509) 574-3200.

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