Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Services

Children's Village Pediatric Dentistry is open to all children in the Yakima Valley. The dental team has extensive experience working with children with special needs, behavioral concerns, and dental fears. Our dental team has two board certified pediatric dentists, one dental hygienist, and six dental assistants, all of whom are adept at customizing your child's dental experience to his/her unique needs. Children's Village Pediatric Dentistry offers comprehensive pediatric dental services including:

  • Preventive care (exams, cleanings, fluoride, and sealants)
  • Restorative care (fillings, and crowns)
  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • Sedation
  • General anesthesia (at Children's Village and at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital)

In addition to the standard pediatric dental services available, Children's Village Pediatric Dentistry offers unique services designed to accommodate children with special needs.

  • Desensitization visits to help children who are apprehensive about the dentist, with tours of the dental office and opportunities to practice visiting the dentist without pressure
  • A Sensory Adapted Dental Environment which modifies the standard dental environment for children with sensory sensitivities
  • A Social Story to help prepare children for visiting the dentist
  • Nasoalveolar Molding to help to prepare infants with cleft lip and palate for surgery
  • Children's Village dentists serve on the Central Washington Cleft Lip and Palate Team and provide dental services to children with cleft lip and palate

Children's Village Pediatric Dentistry works to tailor dental experiences to meet every child and family's unique needs and goals and to prepare all children for a lifetime of oral health. To schedule an appointment call 509-574-3220.

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